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  2. I found a solution of this: Keyword Generator is generating tags with "#" which is not working in Manual actions tab. Please fix this bug
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  4. Thanks for the clarification. Been using the trial. Like many of the features and look forward to the production release.
  5. Hey ilya, quick question. 

    What is the best strategy for pinterest method?

    1) Focus on growing just 1 business account

    2) 1 business account + multiple personal dummy accounts funneling to main business account/website

    3) 1 business account  + multiple non-personal niche accounts funneling to main business account/website

    4) Combination of 2 and 3

  6. Hello. When I'm trying to scrape some hashtags I'm always getting error.
  7. My accounts keep getting blocked while repinning... And when I try to pin manually on Pinterest site, it doesn't block them... Can you check please?
  8. @wwhry Do you use these satellite accounts to promote main account?Any strategy for Pinterest update these days? It is hard to get traffic from to me, could you give me some tips?
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  14. This is FACT! And its leading towards something not good. Because, I'm sort of fed up right now, with PinBotAi thing. Because its not for bulk accounts, as far as I have understand. And by bulk, I don't mean 1 or 2 or 10 accounts, I'm talking about 50/100/more accounts. Now if someone says, why you need this much accounts? Well, I do need, for my stuff to work. This is what I have purchased this software for, otherwise I have my own workers at my office, who can handle 10 to 20 accounts each day manually. ........No one is listening to our issues these days........I think at BlackHatWorld, we'll be heard!!!
  15. I think ilya spent lots of time on development of instaQ. Hope he can spend some time here.
  16. Also curious what it means for timeout activity? the limits are in seconds or?
  17. What are the limits for instagram on liking, following etc per day? That we can configure and use in this?
  18. In the Pin section you have: 1.) A checkbox with: Add source URL to scraped Pins - I suppose this is the URL where visitor gets after clicking the image. 2.) A checkbox with: Add URL to scraped Pins and Repins - But where is this URL being placed??
  19. Hello, I've been using another tool for pinning, and there are 4 CRUCIAL features that you should implement to this pinbot as soon as possible to maximize the profits and avoid unnecessary suspending of accounts: 1.) Source URL Problem: Pinterest has been catching up on marketers and what it does is simply change the source URL of the pin back to the original URL which means that we will suddenly lose traffic if we don't make sure to change it always back to our source URL - our money page. I read in your upcoming features that you're planning this: Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. I think you should really put it to the top of your priorities as this could prevent pinterest from changing our source URL (our money page) back to the original URL. 2.) The Unfollow Feature: Unfollowing of non-reciprocating accounts - unfollow people who have not followed you back in 7 days. ALSO, I don't know how this PinBotAI 4. is setup right now, but the following feature should never try to follow users if it already reached the maximum possible following number for the particular account - BECAUSE: Pinterest will allow any account to follow up to 500 people. After that the account can only follow up to 20 times as many people as it has followers. That is, if you have 100 followers, Pinterest will allow you to follow a maximum of 2,000 other accounts. The Pinbot should be programmed so that it will not attempt to follow more users if you have already reached the maximum allowd by Pinterest. And it should automatically unfollow people who have not followed you back in 7 days. 3.) What mechanism is PinBotAI 4. using to avoid duplicate image pinning as much as possible? In the other Pinbot software I use, they solved this issue by scraping all the images URLs at once - I try to put around 10 good keywords per board to find at least a few thousands of images. They are then put in the queue and thus it prevents pinning the same image often. Again this is CRUCIAL as to my experiences with Pinterest - users are likely to flag your account as spammy if you happen to pin the same image. 4.) The Autopilot which should be again - a basic feature of a bot, is not working as it turns off by itself even when there are no errors. And even if there were errors, it's still something that should be corrected in the software itself as soon as possible - there should be no errors. Again I need to say that in the other Pinbot software from another company that I use - it runs non-stop 24/7 months and months without a single problem. Your Software has also a serious problem with CPU management as it gets stuck and I need to turn off and on the whole pinbot. iLya, please, please, please read this message as soon as possible and implement these changes - I'm afraid to use your tool as I have a couple of matured accounts with the other pinterest tool and when I bought your new PinBotAI 4 I didn't know that it would miss these crucial things. I read in your sales page that it has a "Social Anomaly Detection System" - but actually the automatic handling of unfollowing I've just mentioned and not trying to follow an account if it already reached the maximum are not implemented in your PinBot software - this is NOT SAFE AT ALL. I'm sorry if this message looks negative, I really appreciate your work, it's just that I don't think your new pinbotai 4. is ready to be used.
  20. Update The end of the beta phase is approaching. We have implemented the unfollow feature: Using it is very straightforward, just head over to the "main" viewer, and under the "Unfollowing" tab click the Start button. You will receive a confirmation dialog telling you that unfollowing can take some time because it will first scrape all your account's Followers and Followings. The max scrape limit for each is a bit over 50k users - this is a restriction by Instagram themselves. Once the preparation phase is done, it will start unfollowing users based on the #unfollowing and timeout you specify. The Unfollowing count is just how many users it should unfollow in the operation. The timeout is the number of seconds between each unfollow operation. Two important notes: First It's important that no other operation on the account is running, especially not the "follow" feature, otherwise it could unfollow users which you've just followed recently. Secondly, only run the unfollow a certain time after the "follow" feature has finished. It's best to wait 1-2 days and give your audience time to follow you back, those which do not follow you back will then be unfollowed Right now the unfollowing is done manually like this, but in future updates we will make it part of the autopilot operation. If anyone has questions or comments feel free to reach out. Cheers! healzer
  21. Ok, fine. I will wait for that update
  22. Here comes something new: It happens when I'm trying to delete the accounts.
  23. I"m running less than 40 accounts right now. And if this bot can't handle just 40 or 50 accounts, then I think its a loss. I'm running followliker for instagram with 100+ accounts without any issue, without any CPU memory problem etc. I have tried your bot on different VPSes but getting same memory issue everywhere mate. Finally I have stopped using it for a few days because its giving nothing more than trouble, in multiple aspects. Eating 100% CPU memory No bulk configuration is available at all. (If you are bulk accounts user, you'll face lot of pain) --------- Kind of hopeless right now, sorry to say, but I'm having this feeler! Though I wished to see this bot at the top of others, but your support is getting very slow day by day.....Just like you can see when I had posted this issue and when you have answered it. (Still other issues mentioned in this thread aren't answered yet, not from me, but from other users as well)
  24. Hello, Maybe bulk configure feature should be added as priority.
  25. Hey Right now InstaQ is in beta phase. This means you can access all features without entering a license key. Once we exit the beta stage, all users who were lucky enough to pre-order InstaQ can enter their license key to unlock premium features. Everyone else will have to pay the official price to obtain a license key.
  26. Hey Currently that's not possible. But I am working on an update that allows you to choose which boards to allow invites on. Thanks!
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