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  1. Hey ilya, quick question. 

    What is the best strategy for pinterest method?

    1) Focus on growing just 1 business account

    2) 1 business account + multiple personal dummy accounts funneling to main business account/website

    3) 1 business account  + multiple non-personal niche accounts funneling to main business account/website

    4) Combination of 2 and 3

  2. Update The end of the beta phase is approaching. We have implemented the unfollow feature: Using it is very straightforward, just head over to the "main" viewer, and under the "Unfollowing" tab click the Start button. You will receive a confirmation dialog telling you that unfollowing can take some time because it will first scrape all your account's Followers and Followings. The max scrape limit for each is a bit over 50k users - this is a restriction by Instagram themselves. Once the preparation phase is done, it will start unfollowing users based on the #unfollowing and timeout you specify. The Unfollowing count is just how many users it should unfollow in the operation. The timeout is the number of seconds between each unfollow operation. Two important notes: First It's important that no other operation on the account is running, especially not the "follow" feature, otherwise it could unfollow users which you've just followed recently. Secondly, only run the unfollow a certain time after the "follow" feature has finished. It's best to wait 1-2 days and give your audience time to follow you back, those which do not follow you back will then be unfollowed Right now the unfollowing is done manually like this, but in future updates we will make it part of the autopilot operation. If anyone has questions or comments feel free to reach out. Cheers! healzer
  3. Hey Right now InstaQ is in beta phase. This means you can access all features without entering a license key. Once we exit the beta stage, all users who were lucky enough to pre-order InstaQ can enter their license key to unlock premium features. Everyone else will have to pay the official price to obtain a license key.
  4. Hey Currently that's not possible. But I am working on an update that allows you to choose which boards to allow invites on. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for letting me know that. Would it be possible to arrange a TeamViewer session? This way I can look at the problem and figure out what causes such strange behavior. If this is fine with you, kindly send me your Skype ID to and I will add you. Skype makes it easy for us to chat in real-time and coordinate the process
  6. Hello It appears the database is corrupt. This could've happened if the computer and/or pinbot was shutdown forcefully while writing data. I would encourage you to delete the "db" directory inside PinBotAI. Next, start PinBotAI again so that it can create a new database. The downside is that you have to re-add your accounts and reconfigure them. My apologies for such an inconvenience.
  7. Thanks for, I'll consider adding such a feature
  8. The CPU usage highly depends on which actions are being performed by PinBot and more importantly how many of them. How many accounts are you running at the same time?
  9. Hello I looked at your debug.txt and it states: "your account has no boards". For some reason it's unable to scrape any of the boards, is your account a business account or a regular one?
  10. Thanks for reporting this. This problem appears for non-business accounts. If you upgrade your accounts to business, then the problem should be solved. I am looking for a solution right now for non-business accounts.
  11. Hi mate Try restarting PinBot and then re-saving your configuration. Once you have done that, try doing manual scrape again. Does the error still exist?
  12. Hello Autopilot disables itself when too many errors occurred during autopilot. This is a safety measure to keep your accounts safe.
  13. I am not exactly sure what caused all these issues on your side. But I'm glad all is resolved now Thanks for keeping me updated!
  14. This is a multi season and multi episode series of REM (Reverse Engineering Money). In these series we shall dig deep into money making tactics, strategies and loopholes used by IMers all over the internet. The goal of the series is to learn new ways to build and manage digital businesses. You will learn how other people structure their online empires and how you can do it as well. Instead of lurking around and waiting for a magic money making guide, we shall take measures into our own hands. Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites. --------- Season 1 Episode 01: Episode 02: Episode 03: Episode 04: Episode 05: Episode 06: coming soon.
  15. Update Configuration has been adjusted: now you can define custom timeout times per activity (upload, follow, like, ...) Commenting and messaging features have been added. Hashtag generator now generates real hashtag not just suggested/related keywords.