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  1. PS: the image(s) may show "July issue", however, this has been shifted to the "August issue" thus the July issue does not exist.
  2. update Bug fix: more randomized min-max activity limit when using autopilot.
  3. This thread is reserved for updates, changes and notifications regarding InstaQ.
  4. Hey, Maybe the account has got limited/banned (hopefully not)? I have released a new update, if you still have problems after updating please email me at we can also arrange a TeamViewer session using Skype, that way I can see/investigate your issue(s) and fix them for you Update Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Beta phase ended - trial enforced. This update marks the end of the beta phase. All users who have pre-order InstaQ can now use their License ID to enable InstaQ Premium. All trial users can continue using InstaQ with the "like" and "follow" features enabled.
  5. Update Bug fixes for trial user (enforcing restrictions on "invite" feature) Bug fix removing accounts in bulk. Update Like feature has been disabled and removed because it also was removed from Pinterest.
  6. I don't know why you have not received any notification(s), it could've been a bug. Or maybe Pinterest has banned your account(s) previously and is still able to track you.
  7. This is the very first and exclusive issue of "Reverse Engineering Mon$y the Magazine". It is a non-digital, tangible, high-quality magazine which we print and ship world-wide (shipping costs included in the price). In issue 01 we dive deep into the world of Pinterest, the fast-growing image-sharing social platform. Why Pinterest? Because it's the holy grail of e-commerce. Landing page: Order page: Pages: 16 (including covers), 14 (without covers) Pictures:
  8. Individual pins can only be re-pinned once every 24 hours. So if your pin has already been re-pinned earlier (less than 24hrs ago) then autopilot will not do it again. However, you say that autopilot does not start, but is the "autopilot" light/circle turned green on PinBotAI? You can also manually re-pin (forcefully) and override the 24 hour limit:
  9. Thanks for reporting back @robertign0 !!
  10. Already replied to your question here:
  11. Hi This has been fixed in the latest patch, kindly update PinBotAI
  12. Hey PinBotAI is able to scrape and follow boards. You can easily try this out manually:
  13. Hi mate The autopilot starts by processing all items from the queue (queue is visible when you open Main Viewer). Once everything has been processed from the queue, then autopilot starts scraping for new items and processing them (until daily limit is reached). Hope this helps.
  14. We expect on ending beta phase in a few days. However, the official version is as it is right now, and we keep on updating it as time goes on. I have added the "emoji" support to our to-do list, thank you for this suggestion
  15. This should've been fixed in the latest patch/update. Please update your InstaQ by restarting it. Are you still having this problem after the update?