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  1. InstaQ An intelligent Instagram automation tool The time has finally come, just as we promised, a brand new and unique Instagram automation software. The tool was built in cooperation with some highly successful Instagram influencers and marketers. Let's get started You can download InstaQ here: Extract the zip file, and follow the instructions in README.txt If you have problems/errors running InstaQ, then kindly consult with this thread: and this: Once you have launched InstaQ successfully, in the menu you can click Misc. > Starter's guide for a short tutorial. Screenshots: The currently available features (May 1, 2017): Multi-threaded Unlimited accounts Proxy support Scrape users by hashtag Scrape images from Instagram by hashtag and username Autopilot like + follow + upload Manual like + follow + upload InstaQ upcoming features: Follow & unfollow non-followers Scrape images from RSS / external websites Scrape images from other social media networks (e.g. Pinterest) Commenting feature Messaging feature Hashtag research & analysis add-on ... I would highly appreciate you to post your feedback, findings, tips & improvements on this thread, just below. Have a great day everyone, Ilya
  2. InstaQ is currently in open beta phase. You can download and try out InstaQ for free here: You may pre-order InstaQ at a very low price here:
  3. Let’s have a look at the number one mistake people make in their conversion rate optimization strategy. I’ve had dozen of cases where companies were asking me how they can increase their conversion rates on particular pages. And the thing that they all had in common was that they lacked a site-wide call to action (CTA). Even though most of these businesses were from slightly different industries, they all shared this common problem, and it’s quite a serious one. There are so many companies who have a website just for the sake of having a website, they don’t use it for anything purposeful. A website is a tool, and if it’s not used properly, if it’s not used with a certain goal in mind, then it’s simply useless. If your website isn’t making you money, if it’s not getting you leads, then you can just throw it away; that’s the reality. Luckily it doesn’t end here, we can fix any problem we encounter and it’s not even that hard to solve. “So what’s the real problem you say?” A clear CTA or a goal-oriented website, it’s the same thing. The CTA is the action you want each of your visitors to perform. If you’re in e-commerce, you will want them to buy from your online store. If you’re a lawyer, then you’ll want them to call or email you. Now think for a second, count how many times have you been on a website that you strongly disliked, because you didn’t find what you wanted to find; it happens to me almost every single day. Most websites are just badly optimized and their visitors can’t be bothered to dig for what they need. Unless you are in an emergency, then you’ll do whatever it takes to find the phone number on a plumbing site for you region. But in 99% of the other cases, we don’t have an emergency going on. People love to buy. Don’t ever think that your price is too high or too low. The reason your site isn’t converting properly is just because there are a few core elements that are disturbing. The reality is, you have to take your visitors by the hand and show them exactly what they need to do. I stumbled upon a local NGO website earlier today, and they were looking for donations and support. But their CTA was hidden away in the top right corner. The average person looks at the center of their screen and starts scrolling down, right? If I were them, I would’ve placed a button in the center saying “support our cause by signing up for free”. Or something like that; this way you get free leads, great engagement, higher CR. But most importantly, the visitors know exactly what they need to do, where they need to do it and why they need to do it. You don’t want visitors just for the sake of having same visitors. Let me give you an example. About 45% of the websites out there look like this: (too much going on, spammy, too many ads) The other 45% look like this: (boring, empty, useless): To sum it up: 90% of the websites are either too messy or too empty. Your website falls more or less in one of these categories (all websites do). The real skill is to optimize your website to make it “just right”; so that it is a perfect combination of both, so that it can look something like this: (clean, smooth & professional): In reality, this doesn’t happen overnight. And your web designer certainly won’t be your hero, unless he / she applies CRO. It’s really an art… you need to filter out the bad performing elements, while enhancing the good ones. The only way you can do that is by testing. As you know… our opinions of what “looks” good don’t mean a damn thing, the marketplace gets to decide what looks good. Selling is not a sin! So many of you are too afraid to ask someone to buy. What’s wrong with just saying on your site “We have the best offer in the industry, only $999,- get it now!”, or something like that. Too many companies, especially with SaaS products, think the user will just upgrade or purchase a higher plan for no reason; or just because of the extra features. In reality however, there is always a competitor who’ll have a better deal, better features or better pricing than you do. And if you start competing with them, then you are going to lose. So instead of competing, start selling BETTER. You may have heard the phrase “don’t compete, but dominate”; this doesn’t mean being the first in the market on any crap like that. There is always going to be competition in one form or another. So you need to make yourself, “your company” and your products unique; the best way you can do that is by having a strong message and compelling story. Don’t fight over cost or features. Instead raise your price and improve your message/headline for instance. Use A/B testing to see what results slight changes to your copy and headlines hold in store. Just to summarize (tl;dr) Always test your current website’s elements against new variations regularly. If it sounds pushy, then it’s probably going to sell better. Don’t expect people to just buy — “just” — isn’t going to do it. Develop your site in such a manner that you guide them through the process. You can only achieve the best conversion rate through simple A/B testing. If you’re not testing, then you’re speculating.
  4. The best way to skyrocket your sales, in almost any industry is by positioning yourself as an expert from day one. Because think about it, would you rather pay an expert or an amateur? Obvious… Okay this tutorial is crafted to guide the ultimate beginner from zero to guru level. If you already run a successful web design or SEO agency, it can still be a worthwhile read. Be the expert. How do you go about realizing this? Well first of all, learn from the other so claimed experts in the CRO industry, these include companies such as Optimizely or individuals such as Peep Laja (just Google them). They have very big blogs with terrific content to learn from (all for free). You need to have a basic understanding of CRO: how it works and what’s most important. It’s not a good strategy to educate yourself in math, complex statistics and big data mining algorithms — let Clicktrait handle that goofy stuff for you. Instead you need to know what makes people hyped about CRO… the money and the sales of course. Your client speaks only one language and that is “how much will I make?” All you need to do is to make a good and realistic claim (aka forecast) of their sales growth and back that with data. If your client has a terrible checkout page, just by looking at it, and if there are “trust us” and “SSL” emblems missing on the checkout page; well guess what… the visitors won’t trust the website and exit before purchasing. Thanks to simple A/B testing you can discover whether adding these small details into the website will result in a higher conversion rate (most likely they will, but test it anyway). Cooperate with others. Next up, you’ll need case studies — a portfolio of what you are capable of offering your clients. If you’re a beginner in business in general, you probably don’t have (m)any clients; your only option would be to be creative and craft case studies, although this can mislead people and not very ethical (but ethics are up to you). Secondly, my preferred method is to get in touch with other individuals or companies and do some free CRO for their clients. Just a few simple A/B or MV tests over a period of a couple weeks. You can use this experience and create several amazing case studies that will make your clients begging for your services. Let’s rehearse: you need case studies BECAUSE you cannot sell something to someone if they don’t know you, if they don’t trust you and don’t know what you can do for them. Grow a pair. For newbies it’s a crazy idea to offer services at require minimal work and ask $500 per month. Some people would call me crazy when I advise them to do this. But it’s the best way of starting out. Look… Do quality work for free to grow your network, get your brand known etc… Or ask a lot of money because people relate a high price to high quality. If you were going to ask them $50 per month and guarantee to double their sales, they are going to laugh in your face and shut the door. But if you ask $500, which is still PEANUTS to them, and you are actually INCREASING their sales; which reasonable business owner won’t take this deal — unless you’re just trying to scam them (please don’t). The biggest issue here is daring to ask a high price and not being discouraged when the door is being slammed in your face. Just move on and try another prospect. If you want to do quality work for 50 bucks, well fine it’s your life… I won’t judge you. But take my advice that the higher your price, the more value/quality your product seems to have.
  5. A lot of business related and B2B websites aren't the eCommerce genre, they rely on customer inquiries through their contact form, direct mail or phone conversions. Even though these websites are usually very simplistic they should definitely be optimized for contact form conversions. If your business relies on customers calling you, it's very important that your phone number is clearly visible on every single page, because that is your ticket for a new sale, it's your primary call-to-action. The same goes for a link to your contact form page. Let's have a look at the following website and see how we can create really good A/B tests to optimize its contact form conversion rate. Just as we expected, the "contact us" link in the navigation isn't standing out, even though that's their primary CTA. Luckily we can easily fix that by changing the color or font size: Now the contact link catches the visitor's attention at first impression, it's much better than the original version. However, it's always a good thing to have an even better version: Now the contact link looks like a button and not just a link. It's screaming to be clicked, and it will be! We may never determine which of these 3 versions will be the successful one without testing it. Now you can, and you should, apply this principle to your own website(s). Using Clicktrait's A/B tool you can have this setup in less than 5 minutes. And once you've ran the test you should have a dramatic increase in your conversion rate. Just five minutes of your time to have more sales, that's what I call amazing ROI. Here's another example: testing and tracking phone calls. It is a less accurate measurement but will definitely work! What we do is create multiple A/B tests for a phone number or elements surrounding the phone number, to make it stand out on the website. Once we have done that, we have to choose our CTA, which will be the phone number text itself. We are going to track how many people click on the phone number text. This isn't something every single visitor does, but some definitely highlight or try to copy the phone number, which will be tracked and recorded by Clicktrait as an action to the CTA. Here's an example of the original page: We then can try something creative by changing the background color of the box into yellow for instance: This may have a psychological effect on our visitors and they may be more persuaded to call the number. We can also play around with the font size or even the font type for the phone number. I have seen examples of websites, which I won't mention, that have terrible font types and too small font sizes. These small but crucial details have lead me to abandon their website and go with their better-converting competitors instead.
  6. I’ll tell you guys exactly how you can earn at least $1000 per month with very little work compared to other methods such as SEO, blogging and social media. As many of you know, I’m very much into CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). By using CRO methods, such as A/B testing, you are able to improve a website. The most important improvement is of course the sales or leads it generates. The beauty of CRO is that this industry is pretty much unknown, compared to SEO – which is extremely competitive. A few months ago I started looking for CRO clients, some bigger fish. My strategy has always been to have a couple of big clients. These provide me with a stable cash income (at least $1000/mo per client). This way I can earn well, make my clients very happy with a VIP service and have a lot of money to re-invest in my main projects. I don’t like doing a lot of service-based work, such as taking on clients for a long term. Unless I am very confident that I can help them scale. But they also need to have really great products. What you will do You are going to sell CRO services, instead of web design, graphic design, social media marketing or SEO. Why? Because all these industries are saturated and everyone is tired of hearing about them already. It also becomes increasingly more difficult to sell them. There is sooo much competition and so many alternatives. Trying to be “the best” SEO-er is almost impossible, unless you have a very solid strategy, partners, alliances or you’re just very lucky. Why CRO? Because you can provide CRO services with high confidence. Nobody can guarantee you top rankings with SEO. But CRO on the other hand, is pure scientifically supported. You will always be able to deliver good (or bad) news to the client supported by data. Speaking morally, this makes me sleep better at night. You are going to introduce CRO to entrepreneurs and companies who are getting a good amount traffic, either through SEO or PPC. These people have spent a lot of money and resources to climb the ladder. But 95% of them don’t have a clue about CRO, A/B testing or MultiVariate testing. Thus they are leaving A LOT of money on the table… It’s your opportunity to help them and get that money! How can CRO help them? Everything comes down to A/B split-testing. Every website, every business has defects and elements that can be improved. By improving these small little defects, we are able to increase sales. Here are two examples: The original headline saying "grow your strength": The second version of the headline saying "get a six-pack fast!": We track the clicks to our CTA (Call-To-Action), in the above example it's the "become a member" button. After ±1000 visitors we will see a pattern emerge. One of the two versions will have more clicks on the button than the other. This also means that one headline will result in more members / buyers than the latter. Here's another example where we test the background image: This is the new (second) version of the background: You are able to test anything! Images, headlines, content, colors, and other simple HTML / CSS elements. The amazing part is that you don't need to edit the website and mess around with code. You can use your favorite A/B software to get the job done is seconds. If you, or your client, already has landing pages or a website, then you can use an A/B testing tool with a visual editor. Most such tools have a free / trial plan and you can literally go live in a few minutes. If your client doesn’t have a landing page yet, then you can use A/B testing solutions from LeadPages or Unbounce – these also include heat map analysis and more. But most importantly, you can use their free templates to create your first landing page in minutes. How much can you charge for CRO services? If your client is selling a product for $100 a piece, and currently they get only three sales per day on average. Their monthly revenue is $9000. You will optimize their landing page / website by improving the first impression of the website or landing page. You can purchase one or two other stock images and create an A/B testing campaign to test 3 different images, and track the amount of clicks on the “buy” button. You will see, after about 3000 page views, a pattern will start emerging. There is a very high chance that one of the three images will result in a higher conversion rate than the two other ones. Use your common sense to create A/B tests and improve their website in general. Mess around with the headline, the colors and small details in the copy that. Because the copy on a lot of websites isn’t optimized for sales, it’s usually very boring – it’s not written by professional sales experts. Also make sure to A/B test the CTA (Call-To-Action) on each page – which is usually the “buy now” button or the “contact us now” link. Here's an example where I've changed the "add to cart" button to "buy now" and made it more clear. Version 1 (original) on the left and version 2 on the right: If a website relies on have contact form submission, then optimizing the contact form is the way to go. Version 1 (original): Version 2: If all goes well, you can increase their daily sales from three to six. Now they’ll be making $18000/mo. In reality doubling sales is a very optimistic scenario, most of you (as newbies) will manage to get them one extra sale per day. But even in this case they’ll be earning $12000/mo. Thanks to your effort and service they are now earning $3000 extra, so you can easily charge a $1500 per month. These are the skills you need: Basics of HTML and CSS. Time, patience and dedication. ± $200 investment. The method that I’m about to explain, consist for three parts: Finding a client. Closing the client. Delivering. Part 1. Finding clients I have tried various ways to find clients, here are my most favorite ones: Scraping forum questions and contacting people directly: You have to look for people who ask for help, and who have money to spend. Make sure they are a legitimate business, no a garage-store. The trick is to search in parallel industries, such as PPC and SEO. If you google the following keywords, you will find a lot of potential clients. looking for PPC expert forum looking for SEO expert forum looking for PPC professional forum SEO expert needed PPC expert needed forum Many results will be that of BHW, WF, TFL, etc. And if you already are a member of one of these forums, you can immediately contact that person. Scraping businesses through Google (PPC): Pick a niche you like, with a lot of money. Let’s try this one “offshore company formation services”. We immediately see there are 4 ads – these companies are spending money on Google AdWords (duh!), this also means they are losing a lot of money. But most importantly, they have the money to pay you for increasing their sales!!! Another thing you will notice is that so many ads are not redirecting to a landing page, but just their homepage. This is a terrible strategy for 90% of businesses who are selling, especially products. You should also convince them to change their PPC strategy. However most of these companies have PPC consultants, don’t be too cocky. Just give them advice, or they will have a hard time trusting you at all. Scraping businesses through Google (SEO): This is the exact same process as for PPC (above), except we take the top 10 websites for our keyword. These companies have paid a lot of money to rank themselves on top, and now they want to have a good ROI. Luckily you can take care of that using CRO. Scraping review sites: Find websites which have bad reviews, but are ranking high in SERPs or paying for traffic (PPC). Instead of selling them reputation management (ORM) services, we will help them make more sales. Screw those bad reviews, bad publicity still sells – turn those bad reviews to their advantage!!! When searching for business leads, don’t limit to these four. They are great for starting out with, but not the end of the world. Try LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo to find clients, heck even go after Alibaba listings – most of those Chinese companies have terrible websites, take a look if you want to laugh. How to identify good clients? Which ones to contact? Make sure you understand what they are selling. It makes no sense to help a business if you don’t understand their audience or products. They have a crappy landing page, bad reviews, terrible homepage, lousy first impression or a boring copy. They must be making sales and must be earning money (getting sales). Otherwise they’re not going to afford paying you. Part 2. Closing the client Closing clients is a numbers game. The better your communication skills are, the faster you’ll be able to get clients. But if you don’t succeed on your first day, then keep pushing on. Nothing comes easy, we all have to learn how to play the game like a pro. Once you have a list of emails addresses or websites or phone numbers start preparing your pitch. What I’ve learned through out the years is to never send SPAM. Nobody likes being sold to. If I get an email from someone I don’t know, and never heard of, I will just delete your email, always! How do we prevent our email from being blocked / deleted? It’s easier than you think, and it takes no genius. If you are being introduced to someone new, are you going to sell them on your business? No, if you first have a chat. You try to find common ground, figure out what the other person likes and dislikes. It’s the same thing in cold mailing. Either send your pitch by email or through their contact form. Here’s my example: Hi there! Now don’t be silly and copy-paste my introductory pitch but write your own. As you can see, it takes no genius to write something so simple. You are NOT going to say a single word about what you do, how you do it or any other details. All we need is for them to reply to your email. Secondly, the person who replies should be an executive (preferably the CEO), not the gatekeeper. If it is the gatekeeper, try to get through them, make something up. What to say when they reply? Your second point of contact. Even now it’s way too early to tell them anything in detail, we have to figure out if they can afford CRO services and if they want to make more sales. Maybe they are going bankrupt, in this case stay away from them. You can immediately sense which companies are worth dealing with. If they are very positive and motivated, then they are most likely going to buy from you. But if they are very short / rude in their replies, then don’t waste too much time. Life is already negative most of the time so stay away from more negative influences. They are not worth the money. You will notice that 90% of the people who reply to your question will ask for more details. They will want to know what you have in mind. The key in your reply is to create interest in your service. Try to get them on Skype for a live chat, it makes it much easier to communicate and ask questions. If they do have Skype and they start chatting with you, the conversation can go like this: You can also pick up the phone and call them. Use the above conversation as a blueprint. But if you don’t like using Skype, or they don’t have Skype and you don’t feel like calling them then re-write the above conversation into a PDF document and send it over. Part 3. Delivering As mentioned earlier, you can use your favorite A/B testing tool to optimize their website. You will need to wait a few days / weeks to get enough visitors to visit the page, to have meaningful (statistically significant) results from clicks to the CTA. Don’t mess up. Before you start any A/B test, send screenshots to the client explaining what you’re going to A/B test. This way you keep your client updated and you don’t get into arguments of messing up their brand / image. Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process. Once you’ve identified a winning A/B version, change it on the website for good. But don’t stop yet, try to find an even better A/B version for the same website element and/or other elements. Here’s a good blueprint to start with: Request access to their Google Analytics account. Find the pages with the highest bounce rate (usually the homepage), these pages must have a meaningful CTA (call-to-action). The about-us page usually doesn’t need optimizing. Choose max. 3 pages to optimize. Look at the CTA, is it standing out enough? If not, start by A/B testing the CTA, highlight it, use more vivid colors, make it bigger, change the font size, etc... Do what looks “better”. A/B tests are all based on our opinion of what looks “good”, but we have to test them against each other to know for sure which is the best one. What do you see when you first open the page (= first impression) – are there elements that bother you, that aren’t visible / clear? Optimize the first impression, A/B test the positioning of elements, A/B test images, test the font size, etc. Does the copy make any sense on the website? Sometimes the copy isn’t telling a story, but just explaining technical details about the product. A/B test the copy, re-write it into good story that visitors will enjoy reading. Keep finding elements to improve, even small details such as icons on navigation menus can increase CTR (Click-through rate). My two cents: Personally, I enjoy A/B testing, since it is way more fun than designing websites from scratch. I’ve been in the web design business and had clients. But now I stop taking any clients that need a website or re-design, it’s not worth my time and it doesn’t make me happy inside. You can use a hell lot of twists right here. If you already have clients for web design or SEO, then you can pitch CRO to them. It takes no genius to provide CRO services, especially if you have a web design background. * ± $200 investment: You may want to invest in getting a video done, explaining how CRO works. I like using Dorrell Productions for this. You should also invest in a good website, using a premium WordPress template, as a portfolio for your work. ** Since CRO isn't very competitive, you will be able to rank #1 for "conversion rate optimization company" in your country easily. I am currently doing this using LukaB's SEO service.
  7. This thread is enumerates all PinBotAI features. In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests. Available features: Multi-account support Proxy support Scrape pins by keyword. Scrape pins from user's feed: /username/pins/ Scrape pins from a board's feed: /username/boardname/pins/ Scrape users by keyword. Scrape users's followers: /username/followers/ Scrape user's following: /username/following/ Scrape a board's followers: /username/boardname/followers/ Scrape an individual pin /pin/pin-id/ Pin images Repin pins Like pins Follow users Follow boards Invite users to become contributes for your board(s) Message users Comment on pins Import images from your computer Keyword generator tool (scrape Google suggestions) Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your pins/repins. Automatically add URL(s) to the source of your pins/repins. Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts. Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit). Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit). Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit). Select and start multiple accounts at once. Import account(s) from PinBot v3.0 Import account(s) from CSV file Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword) Scrape images from RSS scrape images from any HTML website Unfollow non-followers (manual method) Different timeouts per action type. Upcoming features: Auto add source URLs to imported images and externally scraped ones. Queue viewer: indicate #total items, and #items per activity type. Buttons on main for quicker access (toggle on/off) -> no context menu needed. Advanced autopilot (start times, ending times, durations, ...) Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator) Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing pins and boards. Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image. Scrape users by criteria Scrape pins by criteria Unfollow users (by criteria) Notify if email and/or phone verification is required. Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape. Remove "like" feature when Pinterest disables it permanently. Board creator/editor. Easier statistics in account selector screen. Queue image size zoom in/out. Manu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value.
  8. Update The end of the beta phase is approaching. We have implemented the unfollow feature: Using it is very straightforward, just head over to the "main" viewer, and under the "Unfollowing" tab click the Start button. You will receive a confirmation dialog telling you that unfollowing can take some time because it will first scrape all your account's Followers and Followings. The max scrape limit for each is a bit over 50k users - this is a restriction by Instagram themselves. Once the preparation phase is done, it will start unfollowing users based on the #unfollowing and timeout you specify. The Unfollowing count is just how many users it should unfollow in the operation. The timeout is the number of seconds between each unfollow operation. Two important notes: First It's important that no other operation on the account is running, especially not the "follow" feature, otherwise it could unfollow users which you've just followed recently. Secondly, only run the unfollow a certain time after the "follow" feature has finished. It's best to wait 1-2 days and give your audience time to follow you back, those which do not follow you back will then be unfollowed Right now the unfollowing is done manually like this, but in future updates we will make it part of the autopilot operation. If anyone has questions or comments feel free to reach out. Cheers! healzer
  9. Hey Right now InstaQ is in beta phase. This means you can access all features without entering a license key. Once we exit the beta stage, all users who were lucky enough to pre-order InstaQ can enter their license key to unlock premium features. Everyone else will have to pay the official price to obtain a license key.
  10. Hey Currently that's not possible. But I am working on an update that allows you to choose which boards to allow invites on. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for letting me know that. Would it be possible to arrange a TeamViewer session? This way I can look at the problem and figure out what causes such strange behavior. If this is fine with you, kindly send me your Skype ID to and I will add you. Skype makes it easy for us to chat in real-time and coordinate the process
  12. Hello It appears the database is corrupt. This could've happened if the computer and/or pinbot was shutdown forcefully while writing data. I would encourage you to delete the "db" directory inside PinBotAI. Next, start PinBotAI again so that it can create a new database. The downside is that you have to re-add your accounts and reconfigure them. My apologies for such an inconvenience.
  13. Thanks for, I'll consider adding such a feature
  14. The CPU usage highly depends on which actions are being performed by PinBot and more importantly how many of them. How many accounts are you running at the same time?
  15. This is a multi season and multi episode series of REM (Reverse Engineering Money). In these series we shall dig deep into money making tactics, strategies and loopholes used by IMers all over the internet. The goal of the series is to learn new ways to build and manage digital businesses. You will learn how other people structure their online empires and how you can do it as well. Instead of lurking around and waiting for a magic money making guide, we shall take measures into our own hands. Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites. --------- Season 1 Episode 01: Episode 02: Episode 03: Episode 04: Episode 05: Episode 06: coming soon.
  16. Hello I looked at your debug.txt and it states: "your account has no boards". For some reason it's unable to scrape any of the boards, is your account a business account or a regular one?
  17. Thanks for reporting this. This problem appears for non-business accounts. If you upgrade your accounts to business, then the problem should be solved. I am looking for a solution right now for non-business accounts.
  18. Hi mate Try restarting PinBot and then re-saving your configuration. Once you have done that, try doing manual scrape again. Does the error still exist?
  19. Hello Autopilot disables itself when too many errors occurred during autopilot. This is a safety measure to keep your accounts safe.
  20. I am not exactly sure what caused all these issues on your side. But I'm glad all is resolved now Thanks for keeping me updated!
  21. Update Configuration has been adjusted: now you can define custom timeout times per activity (upload, follow, like, ...) Commenting and messaging features have been added. Hashtag generator now generates real hashtag not just suggested/related keywords.
  22. Update The configuration has been changed to allow each activity (pin, repin, like, ...) have a custom timeout interval. Note: the queries and board mappings are account-wide (not defined for every activity).
  23. This thread is reserved for updates, changes and notifications regarding PinBotAI.
  24. Regarding the issue where PinBotAI is not clearing the "tmp" directory, I would advise you to run a few tests. Try to do some importing and/or scraping for pins, and then process them. Each time a pin/image is added, it should be deleted automatically from the "tmp" directory. If you notice, during testing, that this is not the case then please let me know.
  25. Hey, Does your account have any boards? Apparently it's unable to scrape/obtain the number of boards your account has and gives that message.