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  1. Hi, is embedded browser maybe option to be added ??
  2. good for you i have just tried still the same. How did you solve the problem or it solved by it self ?
  3. i have the same problem with just one account, i have already talked with Ilya he is trying to find solution, i have tried changing the password but it didn't helped. when i login from browser it logins normally, what about your acc ? do you have the problem just with pinbotai ?
  4. well okay thanks for the answer
  5. Hi, this is maybe stupid question but had to ask the thing that is confusing me is: when we put in the keywords the same keywords are being used for all of the the actions pin/repin/follow etc.Is there anyway to split them ? for example if i want to follow user with specific name, i can put in keyword John Doe but the re-pin tool will use the same keyword to pin/re-pin ? Or the follow will work only with using specific query example : johndoe/followers
  6. Hi there, i am not an expert, but it depends how old is the old account and how new is the new account, how many accounts do you use on one IP, the golden rule is always warm up the accounts, specially nowadays when pinterest is crazy with the new algorithm