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This is a multi season and multi episode series of REM (Reverse Engineering Money).
In these series we shall dig deep into money making tactics, strategies and loopholes used by IMers all over the internet.

The goal of the series is to learn new ways to build and manage digital businesses.
You will learn how other people structure their online empires and how you can do it as well.
Instead of lurking around and waiting for a magic money making guide, we shall take measures into our own hands.

Disclaimer: All research, content, facts and figures are obtained without the intention of causing any harm to any business whatsoever. All information is obtained through legal and public ways using services such as Google and/or other websites.

Season 1

Episode 01:

Episode 02:

Episode 03:

Episode 04:

Episode 05:

Episode 06: coming soon.

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I have read your two Episodes. Could you give me the best method that get fast followers for new accounts in pinterest?

I've done a test, I created a Pinterest account, then with it I followed my personal account, and with my personal account I didn't get a notification of the follow?

Why is this? Had Pinterest changed something?

This would explain why in recent times I haven't been getting followers on my accounts, when usually I'd be getting about 10 per day.

If people are getting no notifications about me following, how are they supposed to follow me back?

Is this something with new accounts only?

If so, how long until they are old enough to follow and have the notification come up on the followed accounts?


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